MarkETForce Portfolio Update - Major Changes

 Happy Veterans Day Everyone and a Special thanks to all the military personnel that help keep this country great!!

Over the last two weeks we have made some major changes to the MarkETForce ETF Portfolio. A total of 7 sells and 3 buys have been initiated.

The sells were part of lightening up the exposure to the market that was at 90 percent. We felt and still feel a pullback of a few percentage points is likely and we wanted to bank profits and raise cash. The plan is to take the cash and put it back to work in ETFs we feel are positioned to rally into the end of the year.

Since its inception on 7/22/13, the MakETForce ETF Portfolio has closed out 10 positions and all 10 were sold with realized gain. The average gain on the 10 sells is 5.2 percent (including any dividends paid).

The changes leave the portfolio with 4 ETF positions, 2 of which were added on Friday. Of the 4 current positions, 3 have gains and 1 has a small unrealized loss.

With 51 percent in cash, it leaves us with a lot to work with in the coming days/weeks as we find buying opportunities. Even though the market is near a high, there are a large number of ETFs that are pulling back to support and we are close to issuing a few new buy alerts.

Overall the MarkETForce ETF Portfolio continues to beat the S&P 500, which is our ultimate goal.

I will be sending out a more detailed report on the state of the overall market to subscribers of MarkETForce in the coming days. Stay tuned for that and more trade alerts to the next winning ETF ideas!!

If you have been on the fence about joining MarkETForce, let the numbers above give you a nudge. The portfolio is nearly 4 months old and we have not had a losing trade yet!!

Click here to join today and start getting our ETF Buy Alerts.

My best

Matt McCall

Posted to ETF Bulletin - Income Portf… on Nov 11, 2013 — 3:11 PM
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