Beware The 'Trickster' Mercury Retrograde June 7th

June will likely greet the markets with a little more spice coming off the shortened Memorial Day week and a nice May rally.  Mercury moves retrograde in the sign of Cancer beginning June 7th while square the moon in Libra.  The theme is secret banking practices and revenue concerns (taxes, and not enough of them apparently) over at the Treasury Dept. 

Lending at the banks has gotten tighter and the Mercury retrograde is a warning to further declines in mortgage applications in June.  The financials are at risk near June 6th, and I suspect there are some revisions coming in at the end of next week fueling some gossip on the Street that the current "all is peachy" hologram is just that, a hologram.

Mercury retrogrades can throw the best traders off balance, so be advised, expect the unexpected.  The Fed is not immune either and could also be a bit rattled on June 6th.  The ball could get rolling for the bears before that so watch out on Monday June 2nd!  Gold looks bullish for tomorrow and could be signaling a warning.  Remember, expect the unexpected.

Posted to Astrology Traders on May 29, 2014 — 11:05 PM
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