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Karen here from Astrology Traders, I've got some great news and some really important astrology projections that will help you navigate the markets for November.

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November 5, 2014

November 5th is important, I know it's the day after midterm elections that's not why it's important, the bigger concern here is the transit of Saturn in Scorpio activating a point that resonates with a dispensation from 1984.  I don't want to go into the esoteric meaning here, I will simply define it as a block to those who are the sympathizers of war.  This is HUGE and it will not go by unnoticed!  I have been writing about this time frame for months now and have warned that 30 days prior to this date (October 5th) a stock market correction and acceleration of conflict in every corner of the earth would unfold while those who are the "holy power elite" begin to go crazy mad.  The current uptrend is at risk of reversing beginning October 31st.  Below are my date ranges from our September 28th newsletter update:

October 2nd. - There could be a subversive move regarding the gold/silver trade with the Comex and CME Group. This is likely inconsequential for the general markets, however, I want to point it out since the price manipulation for the metals seems to be reaching a feverish peak within the gold bug community. Demand for the metals is very high and physical purchases are up over 200% so far this year.

October 5th-October 13th- A critical time that could bring a crises. Volatility that is difficult to trade, best to hold tight and wait for setups.

October 14th-October 30th- There is potential for a rebound in the markets here, however this time frame is interlaced with other difficult patterns, including a solar eclipse on October 23rd at 0 degrees Scorpio. There are more ominous portents coming with this eclipse that I will cover in next weeks update.

October 31- November 17th- A significant pullback is likely.

Currency and bond volatility will likely spike November 7th-8th while the Nasdaq looks to be more vulnerable with Uranus (rules technology stocks) is in square to the United States natal Sun at 13 degrees Cancer.

Are you positioned for the market volatility in the coming weeks?  If not come check out some 'options' (pun intended), we have just the opportunity for you.  Join our free webinar next Thursday at 3;30 Eastern.  We'll be discussing the trends going forward and we're gonna show you your options.

Stay tuned for the webinar registration next week.

Posted to Astrology Traders on Oct 30, 2014 — 11:10 PM
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