Jeff Pierce Jr., Karen Starich, & Chris Ebert

Astrology Traders

Karen Starich has been using her astrology skills to predict market trends since 2009. She then became a contributing writer on, writing financial astrology articles and trend analysis for gold and silver. Her accuracy for predicting the market direction combined with stock analysis grew a large following that led to her partnering with Jeff Pierce to launch Astrology Traders, a subscription newsletter focused on trends and stock analysis in 2011. Her trading style is focused on targeting the sectors and stocks that are poised to benefit from astrological cycles.

Jeff Pierce has been trading since 1999 when the tech bubble was in full swing. Having seen both extremes with bull & bear markets he applies his form of technical analysis to momentum charts and times entries & exits in conjunction with his market timing system. His trading style can best be summed up as buy high and sell higher.

Chris Ebert has been trading and investing for over 25 years, with a focus on options for 10 years. His book "Show Me Your Options!" has been among the most popular options books at Amazon. Having worked closely with both Karen and Jeff for several years, he has developed a unique type of market "barometer" based on option performance, that tends to correlate with future movements of stock prices, and broad market indices such as the S&P 500. His option trades are intended to minimize the risk of being right about a trade, but wrong about the timing. No form of stock-market analysis, whether through astrology, technical analysis, or an options barometer, can provide its fullest benefit unless it enables the trades to be held to fruition, even if the timing of the trade was not ideal. Chris uses options to shift the risk of a trade, so that exact timing is not necessary. Options allow profitable trades to be held through minor setbacks, without the risk of triggering a stop-loss prematurely, and without subjecting a trading account to excessive losses.