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Stock Technical Trader is your real-time guide to everything stock trading related. Instant trade alerts, live trading chatroom, and educational videos will help you grow your portfolio while you learn to master technical analysis.


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About Rod David

In 1995 I began offering my stock picks based exclusively on my proprietary charting and technical analysis methodologies. By fax. By early 1996 I had migrated exclusively to the web. Delivery methods aren't the only changing environment. Markets ha…

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Would be lost without this brilliant service! I only knew how to invest before, now I'm learning how to trade!

Good overall, and I would say its a work in progress, Rod is becoming more comfortable at first he seemed to be outside of his comfort zone and a bit edgy but seems to be more self confident now.

I have honestly thought about canceling the service and going with just AB. I never feel like Rod is giving my actionable guidance. Everything is a hedge. This is suppose to be a trading service but there have been numerous opportunities lost. GWPH yesterday is just one example. It feels like Rod is so out-of-tune with what is happening in the sector (as compared to AB) that he misses the big picture which is critical to successful trading. I do have to give him credit in calling the sector (market) correction and I wish I had taken his advice. Truth is I am becoming less and less interested in this service. Sorry.

thank you for your hard work it has helped me a great deal. I hope to learn much more because I have learned a whole lot alredy and truly enjoy the interactions with other investors

This is the maven and the community of my dreams. Professional, dry, succinct, thorough, and explicitly angled toward near-term profit. However much its atmosphere deserves to be lauded, what singles this service out above all is Rod's generosity with his time and energy -- daily annotated watchlists, narrated chart analysis, constant Q&A advice during trading hours, and zero mystery about the reasons behind trade alerts -- all of which will keep me a happy member as long as this crazy mj train still has coal.

Only followed him when the cannabis market was correcting/crashing and he called it 100%....going 100% into cash just as the market was about to plummet. I have been a student of technical analysis for 35 + years and appreciate his added style/approach to my work.

YOU are the TOP DOG............HOT ROD!!! Am learning to look at the bigger picture as you have encouraged, thank you for sharing your wisdom.

Excellent analysis and offers not only specific entry/exit prices but the exact conditions that must be met in order to satisfy taking action on those prices. Could not recommend Rod higher!

I think Rod is a really good tech teacher , but I would like to cancel the tech trader and stay in the 420Investor .

Rod is exceptionally gifted at translating mass psychology (including delusion) into technical patterns for charts. If you already trade based upon technical analysis, I believe Rod serves as an invaluable backstop to bolster or undercut your own analysis. If you do not trade based upon technical analysis, listening to Rod can save you quite a bit of money when an individual stock or the broader market encounters difficulty. The latter point is of particular importance given that he is covering a nascent industry.

I'm 61 years old. Successful. I didn't sign up to be scolded by a mean school marm. I'm sorry that Rod is very good at understanding what he does and so poor at communicating his insights. I don't have time for 90 minute rambles concerning 42 stocks. I need him to give me actionable insight simply and clearly either confirming or refuting what I learn from 420i. I'll finish my month and if things don't improve...

Great site with quality information. Livedesk Charting analysis is fantastic. Will continue my membership most definitely. Great value and daily developing investment opportunities!

Excellent, Excellent, and Excellence. Membership in invaluable. If you are new to trading then look no further, Rod is Da Man ! Makes trading fun and exciting.

I like your techincal analysis rewiev, plus aler on ticker of the day. All ok, maybe I would like to know in the morning which ticker are "good " and which not

Awesome technical info! A great compliment to 420i. Rod knows his charts and explains what the information means. I'm learning a lot.