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Stock Technical Trader is your real-time guide to everything stock trading related. Instant trade alerts, live trading chatroom, and educational videos will help you grow your portfolio while you learn to master technical analysis.


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About Rod David

In 1995 I began offering my stock picks based exclusively on my proprietary charting and technical analysis methodologies. By fax. By early 1996 I had migrated exclusively to the web. Delivery methods aren't the only changing environment. Markets ha…

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Rod's guidance has taught me a lot in the couple of weeks since I signed up. I have a lot invested in this space, and look forward to more gains as this sector continues to pick up steam.

I like Rod's ability to teach the intricaties of trading. Most of the time I am lost but with patience, I will be able to comprehend these techniques. He provides an unique opportunity to learn and I am grateful to be associated with this site.

Love the in depth review of the charts. Also love Rod's sense of humor. Filter this is a great way to start the day.

On Friday, Rod made a tough call to unwind from his positions based on short term greater market indicators. It saved me a couple of thousand dollars by following his call. Rod, overall, is a technical trader, sometimes stating that he prefers not to know the company, just to analyze the chart. Thanks Rod! Looking forward to using my savings to buy low and sell high.

pulled entire portfolio to restructure after bad buys. Successful trades few and far between. For same support available for free with very little research. Not enough new MJ stocks being watched. Membership raising to $50.00 is ludicrous. At the rate of growth on Rods portfolio a member must mirror his portfolio with $1600 to pay for membership, and that doesn't include trade fee. I only signed up because of the 75% off at $40 I dont find the website useful enough to justify that cost.

An essential tool for trading the volatility of this budding industry. Rod David's to-the-point, specific and thorough analysis, distills the hype and harm of public opinion and in the process presents an extraordinarily effective alternative for portfolio management.

While I'm sure that seasoned, savvy traders can understand all the metaphors and fast paced analysis done by Rod, I know that novices cannot follow Rod as well. It would be great it Rod could use terms that were a little more understandable like - "this is a buy signal" or "this is a sell signal" etc.

Spot on - Rod teaches you about stock charts and moves - this all adds up to having an edge on the public at large - and that makes a huge difference

Frustrated with service today. No reports, can not log onto this afternoons service. Can not reply to Rod. Have not seen any new updates. Will not renew at this time.

Excellent service. Rod is the man!! Great traders of all kinds. The daily videos are very helpful and cover a variety of stocks.

Its alright, im not much of a technical guy because its boring to begin with, I dont know how but gotta find out a way to make it fun...thats my 2 cents..That said, I like Rod hes great and on point.

Excellent support for my trades. Thanks for all the help in identifying entry points. I like the level of detail and the emotional independence.

Overall has been very informative I wish there was a little more defined for us and the trading style explained more as it doesn't seem there is a true way to tell when you should be buying or selling without knowing his definitions.

Would like to see a format nailed down and maybe less 'gargen' for the newbies trying to learn. Maybe a video or blog on buying and selling tendencies off of charts etc. I know the talent is there but 3 stars is for being green. Hopefully will up to 5 stars next month!

Rod is a very astute trader BUT I don't feel that he is as available as much as is needed. Also, I miss his alerts, which were actionable, as opposed to trying to interpret daily action between his livestock broadcasts.