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In 1995 I began offering my stock picks based exclusively on my proprietary charting and technical analysis methodologies. By fax. By early 1996 I had migrated exclusively to the web. Delivery methods aren't the only changing environment. Markets ha…

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Amazing call today on ATTBF. Trending Canadian weed stock in a three-day run-up. Wasn't sure whether to take profits or not as after all this is a weed mania, nevertheless I consulted with Rod. Based on his advice I took profits. Later that day the stock went down 100 points... I would have lost my gains completely... Thanks to Rod expert advice using technical analysis, I made the right decision and made money for the day. I am not an investor and I want to grow my account quickly - so I want to take advantage of the swing trades - not invest over a long period and hope for the best. Rod's service is clearly perfectly suited for that strategy. Thank You Rod!

This guy knows his charts. Daily reviews on premarket and after market charts. Invaluable information. This guy knows his charts. Daily reviews on premarket and after market charts. Invaluable information.

Technical Anaylis is the right approach, altho penny stock TA is like counting a flock of birds in flight...can only guess at the numbers. In an apparently burgeoning market (think Internet) bound to get more sophisticated as big money takes notice, we are in for a hell of a ride...unless, of course, Big Gov't wizzes on the MMJ kindling catching fire. Otherwise...Rollercoaster, here we go!

Great for learning technical chart patterns. Rod posts "need to know" videos as well as several chart videos for a majority of the current MJ based stocks on a daily basis. He also hosts question and answer sessions where you can ask any technical question about any stock and he will answer you live in the activity feed. Rod's technical calls are helpful. They give me more confidence in the current status of positions I am trading and where they may be headed next. A good technical learning tool, and a good compliment to the 420 Investor group.

In addition to 420 Investor's more general info, it is very helpful to see the 'Marijuana Stock Technical Trader' actionable buy or sell calls and the reasoning behind those recommended trades. I expect to take advantage of the professional insights available here, probably every day, for as long as I'm an active pot-stock trader/investor. I think any serious pot stock trader will benefit from all the great info available here at Marijuana Stock Technical Trader.

I cannot find any videos yet. Enjoyed the webinar and was able to follow the report so figured I'd get a head start.

This is going to be just awesome. This site combined with the 420 investor site will provide meaningful data for responsible investing!